Service & Tech

    In addition to web and graphics, SCN Design also offers basic computer tech services to people who have a system that's not operating at it's maximum potential.

Over time, temporary or corrupt files, viruses, driver issues and basic bit rot will clog up a system - making it slow, irratic and possibly unstable. Here is a short list of services performed for client's in order to maximize or restore their system to its peak operational capability.

Services performed:

  • Physical cleaning:
    vacuum removal of dust and dirt from on-board fan, component housing and memory modules
  • Pre-OS prep:
  • Initial De-Fragmentation and surface scan of hard drive for possible errors
  • Removal of temporary system files, downloaded internet files and legacy remnant files
  • Virus Scan for Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Malware and all other system file risks
  • Windows OS-Installation:
  • Hard Drive Format and new NTFS partition creation for clean Operating System installation
  • Critical Downloads and Installations:
  • All peripheral and hardware drivers for required system
  • Optional Downloads and Installations:
  • Installation of Office Suite
  • Download and Installation of AntiVirus Software
  • Download and Installation of Internet Browser
  • Download and Installation of plug-ins
  • Final Processes:
  • Comprehensive virus scan of hard drive
  • Full system scan disk for errors
  • Defragmentation of Hard Disk
  • Basic Data Recovery:
  • Surface Scan and retrieval of accessable data
  • Transfer of files to removable media
  • NOTE: Recovery of Data is never a guarantee. It is completely dependent upon the physical shape of the drive and any damage done to the surface of the inner componentry will affect the overall outcome of the recovery process.

All of these services are available to clients. Contact us to discuss details and set up a consultation for your computer's specific cleanup requirements.

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